Sunday, August 28, 2011

France-Israel Foundation To support Zionists goals in France

France–Israel financial relations and co operation sometimes are beyond financial co operations and would have long range purposes among them the union between the two countries, culturally closeness and the same issues can be worth of mentioning. Thus both countries sometimes form an organization whose aim is not only economical issues but also holds a greater spectrum of purposes and responsibilities. France-Israel Foundation is one of those foundations which was formed due to that fact that the two sides wanted to have closer relationships. To reach such a goal, in 2004, Ariel Sharon had a trip to France; Sharon and Chirac decided to establish this organization for cultural, economical and academic activities and it is supported by the public officials. From the very beginning of its foundation, the central organization was supposed to be in France as an independent and official foundation. This foundation is supposed to support economical, social, cultural, academic, scientific and technological projects. France and Israel claim that they have established such an organization discerning the fact that there are so many similarities and common grounds between the people of their counties.
The Foundation's Activities:
Through direct activities or with the support of non-governmental activities, the foundation focus is on economical and financial, social, cultural, academic, scientific and technological co-operations. The foundation wants to transfer the sides' perceptions about each other to strengthen their relations. Supporting the two sides' financial and industrial active members to sustain financial and commercial co operations; having the mutual TV programs, popularizing their languages, and on the whole expanding the relations in all areas are considered this foundation's responsibilities.
Some members of this foundation are as followed: Michael Abitbol, Michael Allouche, Cyril Benoit and Natalie Bidermann. Albeit France Israel foundation is supported by the official officers of the countries, but it seems that the managing issues are not official and formal ad they are organized in France, so they reach their goals easier and under lesser supervisions.

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