Monday, November 7, 2011

The risk of the establishment of the Israel state in the South Sudan

Israeli officials are going to establish an independent state like current Israel in the South Sudan during the next year, according to a report released by a representative of Stop the Violence Coalition in Sudan.
According to the report, the Jews settled in Sudan have bought a lot of land in Juba and the other cities of the country since South Sudan became an independent state on 7 July 2011
Since the independence of South Sudan, there has been tens of daily flights by planes carrying military weapons into the country and according to an article released by Sudanese newspaper of Al-intibaha, Israel plans to build two military bases in the two provinces in newly-established South Sudan state.
Despite the warnings issued by the officials of South Sudan parliament on Israeli covert plans, the Jewish state still proceeds with its plans such as opening of a representative office of South Sudan in Tel Aviv, bolstering its trade and economic relations with newly-established state, establishing regular air flights between South Sudan cities and Tel Aviv, military training of five thousand Sudanese aimed to take full control of the armed forces of South Sudan, approaching to the Nile river in order to bring pressure on neighbor’s countries, taking full control of Africa natural oil resources and dispatching a large group of Israeli experts from different levels to Juba city, the capital of South Sudan aimed to govern the country’s different sections such as agriculture, mines, economic, art, tourism and management. It is reminded that Sudan is among the poorest countries in the world.

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